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Pre-Production Fixes

Occasionally, the early pre-production samples we receive from the factory have minor discrepancies from the deco art we send them. There might even be small details we catch late in the process that we want correct. Things like this need to be fixed before production. Every once in a while you can see these differences in the photos of the cars on the AW Garage. This is because all of the cars on the Garage are pre-production samples photographed long before the actual production is complete. They may have slight differences from the version you have in your hand.

1984 Ford Mustang SVO, Release 2:  As you can see, the headlights on the first samples we received were the alternate 1985 version from the mold. Also, notice the white wedge behind the C-pillar? This was mistakenly interpreted as a window on the deco art and was left white. Obviously, it’s not a window!


1976 Pontiac T/A, Release 2: This was the first sample we received from the Car and Driver series. The car in the magazine article did not have metallic paint. For some reason, our first painted sample did! If you look at your car, you’ll see no metal flake. This, too, was corrected.


1973 Plymouth Road Runner, Release 3: On this car, the first sample we received had the optional rear wing. We knew the Hemmings article featured the car without the wing. So, every photo you see of this car on the AW Garage had the rear wing broke off the samples, and the holes were photoshopped closed!


A lot of research, time, and corrections go into these cars to make them as accurate as possible. We thought it would be fun to give you some insight into the process. Hopefully you’ll enjoy more behind-the-scenes info in future updates!

The Auto World Product Development Team

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