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New Mockup for Release 4 – 1964 Plymouth Barracuda


It’s been a LONG time coming, and we know. Your patience has been greatly appreciated. We’ve wanted to release some NEW information for quite a while now! The long waiting period between releases 3 and 4 are due to reasons that are completely beyond our control. Tooling is now well underway for some new castings in release 4, so without further ado (you’ve waited nearly 6 months), here is the 1964 Plymouth Barracuda.

This car was suggested by MANY of you over the past couple of years since it has been overlooked in the world of die-cast. Well, not anymore. We loved the suggestion and decided to tool this beautiful Plymouth including the matching wheels!

What you’re looking at is the pre-tooling mockup of the car. This is the composite of the 3D engineering files used to create the molds. As with anything at this stage, it’s a little rough and there are some slight imperfections. The test shots will start to show the refined flaws when they arrive.

Enjoy the pics!!

1964Barracuda_Prototype_Mockup-2 1964Barracuda_Prototype_Mockup-3 1964Barracuda_Prototype_Mockup-4 1964Barracuda_Prototype_Mockup-1

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