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Test Shot – 1963 Dodge Polara


It’s that time again! We have a new test shot in-house from the upcoming release 4! This time it’s the 1963 Dodge Polara. Development of this casting has been one of the most difficult to date. There are a lot of subtle details and body lines that are challenging to translate 64X smaller than the real car; things like the very slight roof arch, the front bumper, the complex grille detail…the list goes on.

The wheels you see here are completely wrong and are being corrected. This car will have the stock 4-point hubcaps with black centers when finished. Also, the tires pictured are incorrect. These are old versions before we revised them making them one tread wider. The glass clarity, casting flaws, and typical test-shot blemishes will all be corrected! Fear not!

Enjoy the sneak with LOTS of pics and have a great weekend!

1963_Polara_TestShot-4 1963_Polara_TestShot-7 1963_Polara_TestShot-1 1963_Polara_TestShot-6 1963_Polara_TestShot-2 1963_Polara_TestShot-5 1963_Polara_TestShot-9 1963_Polara_TestShot-8 1963_Polara_TestShot-3

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