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TEST SHOT – 1964 Plymouth Barracuda


Test shots have arrived for our brand new casting of the true 1:64 1964 Plymouth Barracuda! The back window curve, the incredible front grille detail and the matching wheels are some really standout features of this car. This will have a fully die-cast body and chassis. We hope you’re looking forward to this casting finally entering the world of 1:64 scale die-cast for the first time!¬†We’re very proud of this one.

As usual, the pics are of the VERY first test shot out of the mold, so there are several imperfections like the cloudy glass and some rough edges. This will all be fixed for production. This will be available in release 4. Enjoy the sneak peek!!

1964Barracuda_TestShot-5 1964Barracuda_TestShot-14 1964Barracuda_TestShot-8 1964Barracuda_TestShot-9 1964Barracuda_TestShot-2 1964Barracuda_TestShot-1

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