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TEST SHOT – 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix


New things are starting to roll in! Things behind the scenes here at Auto World have taken a huge turn for the better for both us, as a small company, and you the collector. Times are exciting around here! More details later…

Release 4 is into the tooling stages and being injected, so we are starting to see the very first test shots! The last update showed pics of the tooling mockup of the Grand Prix, but this is metal. It was delivered only yesterday, so it’s practically still warm from the new mold, so to speak. If you look at the new wheels, you’ll see we tooled the 8-lug wheel that came stock from the factory. The windows are still cloudy and there are some casting flaws that will be fixed, but it’s looking great!

Enjoy the sneak!

–AW Development Team

1964GrandPrix_TestShot3 1964GrandPrix_TestShot4 1964GrandPrix_TestShot6 1964GrandPrix_TestShot5 1964GrandPrix_TestShot2 1964GrandPrix_TestShot1

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